Azealia Banks Drags Music Producer, RZA, Who Betrayed Her In Rusell Crowe Case

American rapper, singer-songwriter, and actress, Azealia Banks finally had time for RZA a year after the music producer threw her under the bus during her row with actor, Russell Crowe.

Recall that the drama started after Azealia Banks revealed how Crowe physically assaulted her at his party. The actor  refused to apologise and Banks proceeded to slam him with a lawsuit. Banks said at the time that Crowe “called me a nigger, choked me, threw me out, and spat at me” during the party, but Crowe, in a statement, claimed that he only removed her from the premises after she threatened to cut the throats of other partygoers.

RZA, who brought Banks to the party later spoke up, and had pretty nasty things to say about the rapper.

He claimed:

“Before the night is over Azealia is insulting half the room, she becomes loud and obnoxious. There was nothing funny about her behavior. I felt a little embarrassed because she was my guest…Seeing is believing and I saw her behave as an obnoxious erratic individual and in the circles I frequent this was unprecedented. I was totally puzzled by her and thought maybe meds or booze or something had her zoned out.”

Azealia Banks  lost that case. She moved on, but has now fired back at the music producer after he spoke recently, during a radio  show, about the sad event.

“He spit at her. I saw that,” RZA told Breakfast Clubco-host Charlamagne The God, and quickly doubled down, saying, “He didn’t spit on her. It was like, it almost got on me.”

This admittance, after she was ridiculed, upset Azealia Banks, because she took to her SnapChat to post this:

“RZA has to stop talking about me in the media. Until he is ready to apologize publicly he can go back to sucking Russell Crowes dick for invites to Hollywood parties. Nobody understands how badly I wanted to die the moment rza LIED and told the world I deserved to be spat. People laugh at me and said I lied. No one understands the amount of pain that came with and after that incident. Just fucking respect me and stop saying me [sic] name. @RZA I HOPE YOU DROP DEAD.”

Now, RZA’s publicist has responded with a long patronising statement that contains paragraphs, like:

“The derogatory posts against my client RZA by azealia banks is unwarranted and beyond that — unbecoming,” the publicist writes.

“RZA, from the moment he met Ms. Banks, bet on her to win. So much so that when others felt she would be too much trouble to work  with on the film Love Beats Rhyme, he disregarded what had been said and looked beyond her well documented controversies moving forward with securing her as his lead.”

“As Ms. Banks reputation precedes her, RZA hasn’t and does not want to further embarrass Banks and stands by not revealing all of the details at this time. In fact, after the incident, concerned about her welfare, RZA made sure she made it back  to her hotel safely.

“Regardless of any rumored conditions she may have, I feel there is no excuse for this type of behavior, therefore I feel obligated to let the record show that RZA has tried his best to support Ms. Banks. Taking the high road is not an easy task when someone constantly slanders you, but he has.”

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