Attention Seeker: Is VICO By all Means Trying To Start A Beef With Falz?

Hmmmmm! My peepu, i think we should really be careful of what we tweet or say oh! Imagine what Vico tweeted, what if something disastrous happens to Falz? Will he be able to stand clean and say he isnt a part of it?

Anyway, i really think nobody gets surprised anymore at whatever VICO says because we all believe he’s such an attention seeker. I think this beef dates way back, nobody really understands it but the fact is, it dates way back, way way back, so why still dwell on it? Is it not for attention or is he really threatening him?
He has been throwing shades at Falz, but its one of the two things, Falz isnt paying him the attention he wants so badly, or falz isnt seeing the tweets.

Anyway,lets keep our fingers crossed sha.

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