Arsenal fans are a strangely obsessed bunch of people…


Have Arsenal got the most committed fans in the Premiership?

I suspect so.

A story of a Gooner getting married in full Arsenal kit has gone viral.

Yes, he went the whole hog — shirt, shorts, shin pads, boots and whatever you can think of.

Barry Jenkins said that he sought permission from his wife beforehand.

He posted on social media: “She let me get married in my full Arsenal kit! Maybe I just got lucky.”

Jenkins is the latest hardcore Gooner to be make the rounds on social medial.

An Australian woman, a letter to a local magazine, told a story of how she was duped by her husband into naming their daughter Lanesra, which she thought sounded “unique and romantic”.

It wasn’t until Lanesra was two that she found out from her husband that the name was his favourite team spelt backwards.

And there was also that guy who moved his wife to tears in his wedding speech, before ending it with a toast to Arsenal playmaker Mesut Oezil.

What have Arsenal been feeding their fans, really?

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