Angry little girl writes hilarious letter to big sister for eating all the food in the house

Big siblings are the absolute worst when it comes to eating all the food in the house.

An angry kid has written a ruthless (but very funny) letter to her big sister, Louisa, who seems to always eat all the food anywhere she goes.

Louisa posted the hilarious note on Facebook, and it was quick to go viral with over 8,000 likes since being posted online Sunday. She captioned it: “I swear she’s a lil’ brat. I don’t even eat that much so idk what she’s talking about. Fully draws the finger too.”

The letter even has a detailed middle-finger, sticking up nice and straight – fingernails included at the end of it to show how upset the little girl was. Lmao!

The letter reads:

“To my fat sister Louisa. I hate you because you eat all our food for lunch and you always say it’s not you but you are always in the kitchen, you fat cow.

“That’s why you have no friends – because you eat their lunch too, you dumb fat girl. That’s why your bum is fat because you eat all the food.

“I hope no one marries you because you might eat his family too.

“I will you call you my sister when you stop eating our food.

“Bye ugly girl, I still hate you!”

*insert middle finger here*
angry girl

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