A Young Girl tells Her Sex Escapade And Hopes She’s Not Pregnant… Teekay Answers

Question (Anonymous):
Good morning Teekay. Please I really need help. Whether posted or not I just need a sure answer. I had unprotected sex last week Monday (face in palm) – I can call it sex sha,-  but I feel d guy released into me. Having been very busy with stuffs and I remembered on Wednesday night to buy ‘Postinol 2’ to avoid stories. I went to hide to drink it in the morning and one tablet was powdered and some of it poured so I practically didn’t take a full dose. Can I buy a new pack and just take one tablet? Please help its 4am and am awake every night and scared. Hide my identity. Thanks a lot.
Given to the fact I said I was knowledgeable, I didn’t think I would get this kinda questions tho (lol) but what choice do I have na.
Back to the question, here is my unbiased submission from my findings: Postinol 2 will only work within 72 hours of penetration therefore; it is almost useless after 2days.
You might have to resort to praying that you won’t get preggy but again, it is not quite likely that you would get pregnant.
NB: There is no problem if you decide to buy another Postinol 2 and take one tho… (you won’t die)
But I really hope you learn from this experience sha and try to abstain from sex till marriage and if not, always insist the guy uses a condom abeg.

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