Virgin asks Teekay how to impress his girlfriend in bed… Teekay answers

Question (Anonymous):
Pls Teekay, I need urgent advice. Am 22 years of age, still a virgin (male) my present GF told me we should have sex and I agreed, pls I need advice from experts and gurus in this matter, how do I go about this? She told me that her ex’s d**k is very big and it injures her sometimes, mine is not that big o it’s just average. To be truthful, I am kinda scared o, as in I nor wan fall my hand that day o. Will I be able to go up to 2 or 3 rounds? With the way she’s sounding I think she’s tough in bed.
Bottom line is that I want to do a great job that day, I want to satisfy her like mad, I want her to have a good time, help me out here guys and thanks for your time.
Note: I have been having wet dreams and sometimes when I wake up with erections it pains me.
First of all (go down low… lol), being scared can reduce sexual action so stop being scared first.
Another thing is you can never be equal to her former BF, you are either better or better (there is a reason she chose you)
Size of your d**k is not (NEVER) proportional to whether you can satisfy a woman or not
If it is your first time, you need to let her know cos you might not be able to go more than 1 round (proven fact)
Above all, make sure you do plenty of oral sex before penetration (let her be almost done before you start). Ladies don’t remember how long you were in her but how you made her feel.
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