I Always Fantasize Lesbian Sex… – CONFESSIONS

Bored Young Woman Stirring CoffeeI’ve never had lesbian sex but I’ve experimented some kisses with a friend! We study at the same university so we spend a lot of time together and many people asked us if we are a couple!!

So in my mind is borne the idea that it would be not bad at all to have sex with her… I didn’t tell her yet, but I fantasized a lot about it! I often sleep at her house and I love to sleep a lot, so she always comes to wake me up when it’s almost time for lunch!

And it would be very nice if one morning she came inside my bed and, after caressing me for a while, she gently undressed me, licking my nipples and then took off my panties and carefully rubbing and licking my clit to not wake me too early so that she can play with my pussy for much more time! But when I’ll start to moan and move while I sleep, she will put her finger inside my pussy until she wakes me make me almost coming.

So I wake up sweaty and surprised and I will ask her “OMG! what are you doing?” but she won’t let me talk shutting my mouth with a finger and making me taste my pussy putting in my mouth the finger she masturbated me with. Then we would kiss passionately and we would have great sex in her bed through her pink sheets and her collection of porcelain dolls watching us doing it!

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