All Men are STINGY. Yay or Nay

Question (Anonymous):
       I know you are not married yet but what is your advice to married men who are stingy to their immediate families but extremely open to outsiders and extended family?
Who told you I am not married? (be very careful oh abeg lol) I am married to Jesus oh. I am only awaiting a physical manifestation lol.
Well, to all men who are stingy to their immediate family members and generous to outsiders, you are not doing it well oh. It is only your immediate family members that can say anything about you and be correct (think about this well). If your nuclear family members think you are stingy, SIR, you are stingy sir regardless of what others have to say.
Note that people will always have need but your nuclear family members’ needs will keep decreasing by the day.
Let me explain – take for example, you have a son,
·         At birth, he would need to be fed, sheltered and clothed.
·         At 5 years, he would need feeding, shelter, clothes and school fees
·         At 15 years, he would need the same thing as above
·         At 20 years, he would need food, shelter, clothes and maybe a car
·         At 25 years, he would need advice (he should be earning by now)
·         At 35 years, he would still need advice and you would be stopping him from spending too much on you.
·         At 45 years, he would still need the same things as listed above
·         And so on
Now, you gimme a list of what external people will stop needing (post in the comment section).

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