Ali Baba writes: Nothing Lasts Forever

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Nothing lasts forever. On its own that is. You make it last forever. This morning, a friend called to tell me not to bother to beg. Meanwhile, the babe had called me on Friday to complain. The babe holds that he promised her in October, 2014, that he WILL marry her and after A year PLUS, of their off and on relationship, he now says he can not fulfill that promise.

The guy called me this morning to say that in the beginning he saw some things, different from what he expected, and that he thought with the love growing stronger he would be able to change them or at best tolerate them.

That tried as he could, he met resistance and sometimes got told, ‘that is me, live with it or let me be’… One of such is that when she is angry, she breaks things and strikes at him. It doesn’t matter where. In her own case, she says, my guy doesn’t know how to forgive and forget.

That he keeps digging up things in the past that she has apologized for. And she thinks he is using all kinds of excuse to dodge his promise to marry. She showed me sweet texts he had sent to her, promising to marry her all through December 2014 and February 2015. She said this February will make it one year and he has not fulfilled his promise.

So, I called my guy, we talked and he forwarded text messages she had also sent to him. My God!!! Some ladies take this freedom of expression too far.

Certain things you say to a man, can make him decide on whether he will keep his promise to marry or not. “I regret ever setting my eyes on you”, “I hate you so much right now”, “you will regret ever dating me”, “you are a heartless and wicked man”, “by the time I finish dealing with you, you will learn a lesson you will never forget”… I agree that he angered you, and he promised to marry you and you have also apologized for the words spoken out to him and sent by text, but hey!

Can you really blame a man who refuses to follow through with a promise to marry if in his quiet time, goes over things you say to him, how you say them and weighs that with living with it for the rest of his life? This goes both ways by the way. That she will date you doesn’t mean she can’t change her mind if she sees danger looming

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