Adolf Hitler’s Dark And Disgusting Sexual Fetish Revealed By Spy Documents

Adolf Hitler had a revolting sexual fetish according to a top secret spy dossier. The Nazi leader reportedly loved women performing the act while standing over him. This disgusting revelation comes after it emerged Hitler ‘had a micro penis as well as just having one testicle’.

Adolf Hitler wasn’t just one of the most evil people in human history – he also had a pretty unusual personal life. Specifically, he liked ladies to curl out a giant big shit on top of him, according to a spy report. In fact, he might even have got his niece to unleash a brown ‘torpedo’ on top of him, according to a report commissioned by American intelligence.

A report by American intelligence in 1943 described Hitler as an ‘impotent coprophile’ – although it was based on reports from his political opponents. We should note, that many rumours have spread about Hitler, not all of them true.
Other allegations from Otto Strasser suggested that he forced his niece Geli to wee on him.


One actress, Renata Muller, claimed that Hitler knelt at her feet and made her kick him. She fell to her death from a window in 1937. (No surprise there). ReHermann Grauschning – who didn’t much like Hitler, and fled the Nazis in 1936 – claimed that the Fuhrer had been in trouble for sex with children.

Formidable British Nazi historian and Hitler biographer Ian Kershaw has the most convincing theory – Hitler was just really, really odd. Fearing VD, he shunned relationships and sex with prostitutes, and favoured relationships with women far younger than him, who he felt he could ‘control’.

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