Actress Seyi Edun Spotted With Pregnancy And Adeniyi Johnson is Allegedly Responsible..


Pregnant Seyi Edun was spotted with Niyi Johnson At the Ikeja city mall yesterday night Sunday November 6th and according to the eye witness report ”she is a few months gone and she was still experiencing “morning” sickness. and held unto her stomach and waist at intervals”.


Also spotted with them was an elderly lady who looked like Seyi’s sister and Niyi kept saying “Yes Ma” at intervals as the Lady instructed him to make sure he takes care of Seyi.

Eye witness report looked on as Niyi drove them off in Seyi’s car with Seyi hands on tummy and eyes closed.

Our forefathers say that there are three things that cannot be hidden for long and they are drunkenness,pregnancy and love…
They hid their love well and even denied that they are dating but with this pregnancy,I doubt they can still hide but if they still decide to deny that they are together….Oh well,the baby might help them announce it by looking like Niyi’s carbon copy.

Here is wishing them all the best and wishing Seyi an easy ride with Pregnancy.


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