9 Fabulous Hacks To Make Your Shoes Look And Fit Perfectly Every Time

1. Learn the different terms for the shoes you want, so you’ll always know what to search or ask for.

2. Know your conversions.
Sizes vary slightly by brand, but this handy printable chart will keep you informed about international sizes as well as men’s vs women’s sizes — which often come in handy when looking for sneakers on the cheap.

3. Stretch your shoes in the freezer.
Put some ice blocks in a nylon bag and keep them in the shoe, which will be in the freezer overnight. Try it on the next morning, it would be wider then.

4. On the other hand, if your shoes are too big, you’re gonna need some padding.

5. Heel caps can be your temporary hero.
Tell a cobbler to make you a heel cap to protect your heels and make them last longer.

6. Don’t underestimate a good shining or scrubbing.

7. If you hate lacing up every day, there’s a hack for that.
Sure, it was designed for a child… but you’re young at heart, right?

8. Use inexpensive necklaces to make your heels all dangly and dreamy.

9. Or, if they’re not quite the right color leather, you can dye ‘em.

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