9 Amazing Benefits of having sex With Your Partner Everyday

Benefits of having sex With Your Partner EverydayBenefits of having sex With Your Partner Everyday – You may have thought sex was just a pure form of physical enjoyment, but the health benefits that come along with it just can’t be ignored.

Many people don’t think having sex on a daily or nightly basis is plausible — between heavy workloads, stressful days, unintentional late-night binges on mac and cheese and all around laziness, but, honestly, sex is what can actually make you feel relief from all of those stressors.

I know it’s difficult to even motivate yourself to hit the gym at the end of the day, and pure naked vulnerability seems like the last thing you want to be dealing with, but it’s time to change that mindset. It’s time to go back to the birds and the bees.

So what are the benefits of sex that lie outside the actual act itself?

1. It keeps your immune system healthyImage result wey dey for benefits of sex everyday

Trying to fight off the common cold? Maybe you should head to the bedroom instead of CVS. Having sex numerous times weekly correlates with high levels of immunoglobulin (IgA), an antibody, that protects from infections and the common cold.

Sound too good to be true? Well, you can thank researchers at Wilkes University in Pennsylvania for this lovely discovery.

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