Doctor Accused Of Ejaculating On Patient’s Face While She Was Under Sedation

A doctor at New York’s Mount Sinai Hospital is facing disturbing allegations he ejaculated on the face of a patient he sedated with morphine.

The New York Daily News reports emergency physician Dr. David Newman is accused of administering morphine to her and then fondling her breasts and ejaculating on her face while she was knocked out. According to sources who spoke with the Daily News, a 22-year-old woman told investigators the incident occurred on Jan. 11 after she entered the ER with a severe pain in her shoulder.

At the ER, nurses reportedly gave her a shot for inflammation, two pain pills and then later a shot of morphine. She was told to change into a gown in order to take an X-ray.

The woman reportedly told investigators she removed her shirt and bra and while she was in the room waiting, Dr. Newman entered and told her he was going to give her morphine. She said she tried to tell him she had already had the morphine shot but he administered it anyway.

The Daily News reports the woman said she was unable to move due to the drug. She alleges he started fondling her breasts. She said he then moved her bed and turned away from her. She heard what sounded like someone masturbating and then felt semen on her face. She said he felt him use a blanket to wipe it off.

Nurses came in and were reportedly confused about why she was so blacked out. As she drifted into consciousness, the woman went to the bathroom and discovered semen on her face and bare chest. She said she wiped herself off with her gown and placed it along with her bedding in a plastic bag for police.

Another doctor met with her and she described what happened. When she asked to speak with his supervisor, she was horrified to learn it was Dr. Newman.

Dr. Newman has been barred from seeing patients while the investigation continues. The hospital released a statement on the allegations:
“We are aware of an allegation that has been made against one of our physicians.This is a matter under investigation and we are fully cooperating with the appropriate authorities. We take this matter very seriously and are conducting our own internal investigation.”

Dr. Newman is an Iraq War veteran who once authored a book called “Hippocrates Shadow: Secrets from the House of Medicine,” about the disconnect between patients and care providers. Reporters who went to his home on Wednesday were unable to reach him for a comment. A woman who answered his door said:”Sorry…nothing happened.”

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