High-Heeled Shaped Church Built To Attract Female Congregants

According to Huanqiu.com, the very large glass shoe you see above is actually a new church built in Chiayi, Taiwan, for the purpose of bringing all the women to the congregation’s yard. Really — the church was built with “particularly attractive” tourists in mind and will open for the Lunar New Year in February.
Though it’s unclear what religion the church is affiliated with, the Daily Mail reports the building is made almost entirely out of glass (à la Cinderella’s shoe), that it’s 55 feet tall, 36 feet wide, and made of at least 320 pieces of glass.
Inside the church there are reportedly “100 female-oriented features” including “chairs for lovers” which are “ideal for romantic photographs.”

Can your girl brain even with the prettiness of it all!? Does your entirely shoe-focused mind even know how to process this?? No word on who thought of and realized the whole concept but bets it starts with an M and ends with an E-N.

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