8 year relationship breaks up because of Olamide and Don Jazzy saga… LOL

2016-01-02_064754Olamide and Don Jazzy – you two should get in here and come and see what you have caused oh…

So this guy and this girl have been in a relationship for more than 8 years and it has suddenly come to an end because of the Olamide and Don Jazzy issue.

In an email sent to a popular blogger, the lady said her boyfriend of over 8 years has come to the sudden conclusion that she is not the person he will be able to spend of the rest of his life with while employing the drama between Olamide and Don Jazzy as the excuse. (I’m quite sure they have had numerous sex)

Read the story:

“I’m 33 and I have been dating this guy since 2008. We served together but didn’t date until after NYSC. He left the country in 2008 but we were already dating.

We have had our downtimes but we keep getting back together every time. He is an awesome guy and treats me well with plenty respect. In fact, at times, I get irritated cos the love and respect is just too much and I keep thinking he doesn’t have a mind of his own.

We always do anything I want but I prefer him to make all the decisions. I have visited him severally in the UK too.

So 2 days ago, we were skyping and the Olamide gist came up and I aired my view that they were both wrong that Olamide shouldn’t have thrown a tantrum while Don Jazzy shoulda just ignored the whole ish. My boyfriend wasn’t having any of this as he kept insisting that Don Jazzy is a pretender and Olamide’s apology is enough and should just put the thing behind them.

I told him it was ok but he shouldn’t judge as he doesn’t have an idea what goes on in the entertainment industry and that saying sorry does not wipe away the damage depending on who is involved.

My bf flares up and starts shouting at me that I am unforgiving and mean. Of course I thought it was a joke till it dawned on me that he was really being serious. Then he went on to end the relationship claiming he cannot be with me as I am unforgiving and he won’t like to be guilty and not be forgiven.

I called yesterday and he said it wouldn’t work. I won’t apologize but I am scared if I’d meet someone else soon as my clock is ticking.

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