8 Vitamins and Supplements that will reduce or eradicate frequent illnes

If you eat healthy food and live a healthy lifestyle you might not see the need to take vitamins and supplements. And while supplements are not a subsitute for good food, research shows that taking certain vitamins, minerals and other supplements can boost your immunity, help reduce stress, and help to prevent chronic illness including diabetes, heart disease, bone disease, various diseases of the eye, and even cancer. Here are eight very important vitamins and supplements that you should be taking everyday for general wellbeing and good health. Take them alone, or make sure they are all in the multivitamin supplement you choose. Just be sure that what you take is good quality and not made with potentially harmful synthetic ingredients.

#8 Omega-3 Supplements

Vitamins and Supplements

Omega-3 supplements are highly recommended, especially for adults over the age of 55, because they are effectively in quelling coronary heart disease. Found in certain fish oils and plant sources, Omega-3 ranks as one of the most important essential nutrients we should be taking everyday whether in our food or from vitamins and supplements. Omega-3 is essential for heart health; it regulates and helps to normalize cholesterol triglyceride levels (which will help to prevent thrombosis and blood clots); and it has been shown to impact on brain health. Specifically, it helps promote learning ability and prevent behavioral problems in children – especially those who suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

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