7 Reasons Why You Should Date A Yoruba Boy(Demon)

Yoruba guys have been the centre of controversy in recent times with many girls saying that they are the worst type of boyfriends to have.

The assumption has led to the creation of various memes slandering Yoruba boys or as they are popular called, “Yoruba demons.”

Well we’re here to tell you that you should TOTALLY date such a demon. Here’s why:
1. Yoruba boys are Swag daddies:
Yoruba boys are the kings of swag. Their signature white “agbadas” ooze class and street style like no other garment can. Even if the relationship doesn’t last, at least you can boast that you once dated a swag daddy.

2. He’ll improve your spiritual life:
Yoruba demons are guaranteed to drive you closer to God. Whether it’s praying for your boyfriend to be faithful or praying for healing after he shatters your heart, God will be your friend and it will be all because of your resident Yoruba demon.

3. You’ll never have a dull moment:
Depending on how high you rank on your Yoruba guy’s chick scale, you’re bound to go on a whole bunch of parties with him. These “owambes” will make your life interesting and give you a wealth of prospective suitors to choose from when the demon eventually breaks your heart. Just don’t choose another demon, I mean Yoruba boy.

4. He’ll make you creative:
Do you know a girl who always has the deepest stuff to say about relationships, love and heartbreak? She’s probably dating or has dated a Yoruba boy. Dating this class of guys is guaranteed to help you become a creative genius. Don’t believe me? Give it a try.

5. He’ll make you a human lie-detector:
Dating a Yoruba boy will help you catch liars quicker because if he’s a Yoruba demon, then lying is his middle name. Best believe it!

6. He’ll help you recognize a good man when you eventually find one:
You will not be in the clutches of this demon forever, so when you’re rid of him, he’ll have shown you exactly what you DON’T want in a man.

7. He might not be a demon:
Most important reason to date a Yoruba guy is that he might not be a demon afterall. Maybe this demon business is just an unfair attempt to make otherwise decent guys look bad. Maybe, just maybe.

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