BeardGang: 5 Celebrities With The Hottest Beard!

Well, I know some of you might say, why cant I just get over this beard gang ting? Its so 2016. Blah and blah and blah. Well, having a beard is an endless act of being sexual. How can you not have a beard? How do you portray your own hotness?

And then, some guys have come to realize that having a beard is everything, so they grow a beard and apparently forget to groom it, making them look like they’re battling harmattan and are also homeless.
Anyway, to the real gist, today, we be looking at the men’dem. The daddy daddies. The hot boys of the industry. The men that have studied having a beard as a course. Stay with me people:

1. Noble Igwe: Hello handsome. This is 360nobs founder. This one has his Msc in beard maintenance. If you dont believe me, you just ask him.

2. Banky W: Well, you people have said everything about my Olubankole Wellington. You’ve said his head is bald and shiny. You’ve said his head is very big. You’ve said all sorts, but you forgot to praise that beard. Boy, he knows how to make a beard look good on a man. This beard could get a woman wet bruh. The beard compliments the shiny bald head. Hehehehe, SAMBA!

3. Chidi Mokeme: Nobody should ever disrespect Chidi Mokeme. If not for anything but for the power he carries. The power of the beard. He could snatch yo woman with it yo, respect him!

4. Phyno: Baba Igbo, Baba Obago, Baba every freakin’ thing. Phyno has his doctorate degree in having and grooming a beard. Boy look how the beard clings unto his lower jaw, complimenting that long face. Drop me yo number mahn, let me come read a beautiful poem about your beard to you. *coughs*

5. Ice Prince: *Sigh* I have nothing much to say about this young man, nothing my peepu. Your beards is fine oh, hmmm! Very fine. I’m sure this is what is keeping our Maima Nkewa glued to you. One time you dyed it and were out there looking like an Egyptian goat, but its cool though, you got it all blacked up now!

Who do you think has the best looking beard?

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