Question: I Can’t Get Erect Anymore Cos I Started Masturbating At 17

Question (Anonymous):

I started masturbating at the age of 17.

frustrated-blackIt all began when I had my first “nocturnal dream” (as experienced by adolescents). I was so excited & carried away by this experience, hence I craved & desired for it each time was lying on the bed. I started stimulating my penis with my pillow, & would start thrusting & pressing my penis against the bed until I ejaculated.

I tried fighting it after a while, but the highest of days I have gone is 6 days. Most times I feel bad. I capture every girl’s romantic feature in my mind & return to bed, imagine & begin to act as though I am making love to her until I’ll cum. I started this dirty act when I was 17 & now I am 32.

I discover now that I cannot have an erection. Very soft, even though it manages to rise. I started noticing it when I was 25 years but didn’t give much attention to it as I was not having any serious relationship then. Now I can’t make love without using drugs, even as I am planning to get settle now.

Can I ever have my youthful erection back?


Yes, you can have your youthful erection back but unfortunately it might not be during your youth.

Have you ever noticed that if you build a house, pull it down and you try to rebuild on the same land, you might have to dig the foundation out, refill with sand, re-dig the new foundation you want and then rebuild?

What I am saying is this, it is easy to build a house on an empty land than to pull down and rebuild.

So my dear brother, you have to undo all you have done by first of all, stop masturbating (its gonna be HARD though), then start training your mind and brain yourself (you might need your wife or fiancee to be involved in this).

You have to learn to get your erection again like a teenage boy.

When you truly stop masturbation though, everything will fall in place. the only clause is that it will take time (but it is always worth it).

It is better to have a 40 year old undergraduate (student) than a 70 year old uneducated man.

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