6 Warning signs you’re letting people take full advantage of you

signs you're letting people take full advantage of you

Signs you’re letting people take full advantage of you – It’s up to you to stand up for yourself!

Boundaries are those unwritten rules that everyone has, to protect themselves from other people’s behavior, and get their wants and needs met. Having a “fence” around the behaviors that you do and the ones that you find acceptable from others is very important.

When you’re allowing others to cross your relationship boundaries by not reinforcing them and speaking up, anxiety and unhappiness is the result.

When we aren’t sure where our boundaries are, or we consistently let people get away withbehavior that we shouldn’t allow, it has big emotional side effects. Unfortunately, often we aren’t always good at recognizing these side effects until we’ve allowed people treat us poorly.

Here are 6 warning signs that your boundaries need repair:

1. You feel put out.

Feeling taken advantage of or put out is a direct result of giving more than you should be reasonably giving, and then expecting something in return.

This issue is boundary related because if you had pulled back on the giving when you saw a lack of appreciation or reciprocation, you wouldn’t feel resentful that you aren’t gaining what you had hoped to receive in return.

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