6 Social media Actions That Could Limit Your chances of Getting a Job

Anyone can use social media. You can tweet or post whatever you like. You are free! However, this your social media license to share anything can cost you your career especially if you are job hunting. You may not appreciate the reach of your social media activities until someone points it out to you. You will be surprised.

As a result, you should be conscious of what you do on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram because you don’t know who is looking.These are some social media actions that could wreck your chances of getting a job.

Complaining about your jobImage result wey dey for bad social media actions

If you don’t like your job, you should look for a way to resolve it and if you can’t, you should probably quit. What you should never do is to complain about your job on social media whether you still work for the company or not. Keep your complaints off these networks.

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