5 Things You Should Know About The iPhone 15 Series


5 Things You Should Know About The iPhone 15 Series

After the long anticipation for the iPhone 15 series which we first heard of in the last quarter of 2022, Apple has recently launched the long awaited iPhone 15 series which packs its own unique attributes and upgrades compared to the now inferior iPhone 14 series.
Well, here are 5 things you should know about the iPhone 15 series

The almighty producers of iPhone has decided to make their charger into a common type-c charger accessory. This new feature would allow for easy charging of the iPhone and cause less worries for users who might forget their charger cords while hurrying to catch up a meeting or flight or meet up resumption time at work. This might feel like a downgrade but look on the bright side and see it as Apple being considerate.

It is also note worthy that Apple has considered the cries of iPhone users as regards the weight of the device.
Well, the new iPhone 15 Pro packs a titanium frame, first of its kind, which makes it less weighty compared to the previous iPhone 14.

Apples’ new iPhone comes with a new side mounted Action button which can be configured to function as the owner wishes. Well, Apple just keeps making accessibility stylish.

The new iPhone 15 series beats the previous 14 series when it comes to camera effectiveness. Apple decided to go big by adding a 48MP camera to the iPhone 15 series.
This is the height of it all. Imagine capturing your cherished moments with the awesome 48MP camera on an iPhone 15, absolutely amazing right?

As always, Apple has provided the new iPhone series in different storage versions, which of-course also has its own influence on the cost.
The iPhone 15 price starts at a whooping £799 / $799, while the iPhone15 Plus can be purchased for £899 / $899 for the 128GB model.
The iPhone 15 Pro on the other hand starts at £999 / $999, the 15 Pro Max at £1199 / $1199 for the 128GB model.


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