5 Stylish Suits Every Guy Must Have

It is ideal for every man to have at least three suits with different colors in his wardrobe which can be worn for different occasions. Quality suits are often expensive, so it’s best you get good colors that can serve various purposes and give you that boss look always.

Choosing the right one might be a bit of a dilemma especially for some men who might want to look stylish but with a low budget.

So the question is what color should you own? For a modern stylish man, there are some colors that are versatile and ideal for occasions, so it is necessary to ensure you choose the right colors without breaking the bank.

What are the right colors? Some colors are versatile and more appropriate than others. These colors are suitable for any occasion.

1. Navy Blue

This is suitable for professional and business occasion. It is also a versatile and classic color that never goes out of trend. It is a suit for the younger men and if you look older and wish to look younger in a suit, this is definitely for you. It is perfect for work, business meetings, and for different kinds of occasions like weddings, award nights and so on.

2. Charcoal Grey

This is a must-have suit for men. It is a bit cooler than the navy blue suit. Unlike the navy blue suit, the charcoal grey adds a little bit of age to a young gentleman who wants to look mature. It is also a versatile suit whose trend is timeless. Another advantage it has is that it matches with a wide range of colors permitting a man to explore different colors of shirts and ties.

It is professionally and casually accepted for various occasions and meetings like office, weddings, business meetings and even church.

3. Black

Aside from the colours presented above, black is another that is widely used. Just like the charcoal grey, a black suit can conveniently match with any shirt colours and ties, so if you want to limit the use of white shirts and plain ties, then this is the suit for you.

4. Blue

If you want to have a versatile wardrobe, then, it is necessary you consider a blue suit. It is less formal than the above colors of suits, as it is a great way to break free from the monotonous wearing of regular suits. It is perfect mostly for informal occasions and the best part of it is you can wear them with unmatched trousers.

It is also best combined with a white and blue shirt, as well as a blue tie, although red and green ties work perfectly too.

5. Brown

If you desire to look different and stand out in a crowd, then, a well-tailored brown suit should be your choice. Be cautious not to wear this to formal events where dress codes are taken seriously as it is not perfect for a formal event but suits occasions like wedding.


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