5 Pedestrians Safety Tips For Crossing Lagos Roads

Lagos roads are very busy. You will find trailers, SUVs, and Danfos on the highway. Most of the drivers of these vehicles do not care about pedestrians nor any traffic rules. They simply drive with reckless abandon as they feel they own the road.

This oftentimes than not put pedestrians in danger of being knocked down by oncoming and overspeeding vehicles. To keep you safe and avoid any accidents, these are tips for crossing Lagos roads.

Never stroll on Zebra crossingnigerians-zebra-crossing-1024x425.jpg

Traffic rules demand that drivers stop when they see pedestrians walking on Zebra crossing. However, in Lagos, they won’t stop. They will continue driving. So to be on the safe side, it is better you run when using the Zebra crossing. In fact, if they see you strolling, the driver will shout at you to get away from the road.

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