3 Tips on how to get a well balanced life living in Nigeria

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We all know that living in this country comes with a lot of hustle, sleepless nights and of course holdup but there are ways to also live a balanced life even in Nigeria.

Infact, most of us are social lepers because we are trying to make ends meet daily but the untold truth is – the ends will never meet – if not, Dangote wlda retired a long time ago and so many of us that are rich would have stopped working a long time ago.

I have put together a few how-tos and I hope this helps a lot of people as it has helped me and is still helping me:

  1. Go on Date/Family Nights: This can seem a little un-achievable with the stress of work and separate lives we lead but it is quite the most effective way to live life to the fullest. You need to take out time to spend time with people you love. These people are the ones that will be there if you ever fall ill or fall down so why not let them have a feel of you when it seems like they are not needed.
  2. Develop a hobby: If your job is not your hobby at the moment, then you’d need to develop a hobby and stick to it. The thing about hobbies is that it makes you feel more relaxed than even when you sleep sef. Plus it helps you understand how frivolous life is. Ask yourself this question everyday: What will i regret not doing if I die today? Answer the question and start doing it now. Tommorrow is not assured anyone.
  3. Take life as it is: Many a times, we tend to want situations to go the way we want them to but life always has other plans and when it is like that, just take it as it comes. Don’t get angry because the rice did not swell up as you expected or the color of the car is not totally blue but off-blue. Most times, what screws us up is the idea in our head of how it should be.

I hope with these few points in place, you woulda lived a fulfilled life when your time comes and people around you will be happy they were related to you in one way or the other.




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