25 Little Things That Make A Man Mind-Blowingly Sexy

The following list has been compiled from the attributes of the men I have worked with and known over the last few years.

Men who are currently in relationships or married and men who have never been married. Men who are newly divorced and not in a relationship and men who have been divorced for a considerable amount of time, date often, but have not remarried or committed to another relationship. As well as, men married for the second or third time.

Here we go


1. Sexy is a man who owns his part of the breakdown of a relationship and marriage.

Who can look his mistakes in the eye and take responsibility for them. Who, even after the break-up or divorce, is still able to treat his ex-partner with respectespecially when the ex-partner is the mother of his children.


2. Sexy is a man who is patient in traffic.

Who doesnt cut others off, thinking he owns the road. Who uses his turn signal. Who is aware of how much gas he has in the tank. Who has mastered the fine art of parallel parking.


3. Sexy is a man who is unashamedly captivated by his children.

Who doesnt see them as mere extensions of himself, but as unique humans with unique souls. Who is mesmerized by their individual personalities and treats them with kind words and gentle touch.


4. Sexy is a man who discreetly overtips a waitress in a crowded restaurant after noticing she isnt wearing a wedding ring, is wearing a necklace in which the names of her three kids are engraved, and has dark circles under her eyes.

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