At 24 years, I was already worth over $20m. I am LUCKY – Tee Mac


He holds her very close to his visage, with his two tender hands running carefully, slowly, through her slender body. His fine fingers seductively caress her body as he gently strokes her holes. His face glistens with delight as she moans in philharmonic symphony. With bated breath, his mouth quivers as he runs his lips over the hole. For 64 years, he still maintains a passionate grip on her, faithful, fruitful and ‘fluteful.’ That’s Tee Mac Omatsola Izeli and his sexy flute. Tee Mac, classy and handsome, who wears a moustache and beard that spells ‘T’ is one of the greatest musicians Nigeria has ever known. Pride or fact, he feels he is one of top five artistes in his category in the world. A businessman, a father and a flutist, Tee Mac sleeps in four bedrooms that cut across Bangkok, Lagos, London and New York. A widower and divorcee, he isn’t sure he wants to walk down the aisle again. In this  interview with Adedayo Adejobi, Tee Mac uncovers his background, love for philharmonic and jazz music and how he made $20 million at 24

A Flutist Journey via the Study of Mozart…
The journey of Tee-Mac Omatsola Izeli to the zenith of his fluting career started long ago. Ironically, it did not start with him understudying a Nigerian flutist. Was there even anyone as at that time? That was very debatable. But Tee-Mac started at the age of 6 when he began to read about Mozart. As at that time, Mozart had become a world-renowned flutist and Tee-Mac had always wanted to be a flutist; even at such a very young age. His dream began to materialise when his uncle gave him a flute as a Christmas gift.

“At age 6, I started to read about Mozart’s life. Mozart was already a great performer at the age of five. Now I was six and I always wanted to play the flute. I asked my uncle who took care of me in Switzerland if I could have a flute. So at Christmas I got my first flute as a present. I love my flute so much I wouldn’t even sleep without it. The flute would be in the case under my pillow. But at that time to learn how to play the flute there was no other way than to go through the classical training. It’s not like today where you can go to Trinity College or the Barcley School of Jazz in America. You have to go to the classical education because that’s the basic for music education. And I have since loved it and it’s my favorite music – classical music.”

He says the peculiarity of the flute is that it was the first instrument in history and adds that the one he plays is called the Boehm flute.

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