23 yr old complains about the size of her breasts… Teekay answers

Question (Anonymous):

I’m a girl of 23 and my breast is so small my first guy left me because of this. He is always shy walking with me because his friends do mock him that he is dating a guy not a lady. This is really eating me up.

Please what do I do? I really want it to be a bit big at least for me to look like a lady. I need your advice on what to do.


My dear beautiful girl (Am quite sure you are beautiful), fingers are never equal so does the body parts.

  1. For your BF to leave cos of your breasts meant he loved your breasts not you so be happy.
  2. Everyone has 1 part of her body that he or she thinks is too small or too big (penis, boobs, chest, ass, head, etc) so there will always be a need for more (human wants are numerous and insatiable)
  3. Don’t worry about anybody that doesn’t like you the way you are (cheap things are common and most people like cheap things). You are made for a few that appreciate the beauty that matters.
  4. Don’t ever think less of yourself – infact, my principle is – if you are taller than I am, you are too tall, if you are shorter than I am, you are too short. Apply the same to yourself. You were made in the likeness of God and that is the way it is gonna be.
  5. Some people are not happy their breasts are too big, some say that their ass is too big (infact, I know a few of them that would give anything for their features to be reduced)


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