20 Things That Women Find Incredibly Sexy On A Man

In trying to impress the women around them, at least almost all men, if not all, have once had their efforts squashed. Perhaps they failed to pay attention to some critical details! The truth is that if a man knows what women find appealing in men, his struggle to win and retain the woman he desires will automatically come to an end; but that’s if she isn’t hooked up with someone else already! In this piece, I’ve compiled a list of achievable qualities which women crave for in men. As you let these tips be your rare-guard, you’ll be amazed at how your love life and relationship with the opposite sex will flourish!

Most of them have been tested and they are trusted *wink* *wink* #gayalert

1. A deep, commanding voice













Your voice says a lot about you, literally. The next time you strike up a chat with a woman, don’t sound squeaky. If you need to sound squeaky, let it not be the first words that come out of your mouth. When you receive a call too while she’s with you, be affirmative even if it your mother that’s calling you (OYO)

2. Clear and healthy looking eyes










Eyes provide an insight on your level of health. Drink plenty of water for clear eyes. Buy shacommended contacts if need be but make she knows (you can just cheap it in jokingly)

3. Body posture













Within 1 second, just from how you stand, women will judge you as attractive or not. Lean back and stop dragging your knees to the back (resting on your knees) *don’t even know how to explain this again.

4. Body smell

Sexy man










I have received plenty hugs just because I never fail to smell good. My cologne is out-of-this-world sef. The y keep asking for the name but mehn that’s my secret na. Sweat, at a very basic level, is very attractive to women. However, don’t go too far and stink. Also, using a nice fragrance will mimic the natural smell that males produce and this, when used lightly, will arouse most females.

5. Good hair and trimmed nails







I get compliments daily about my nails. Those that know me one-on-one know me. I take good care of my nails (washing my hands regularly). Also having nice, healthy and well-groomed (either full or bald) hair shows that you take care of yourself.

6. Being well dressed

Mag Payne














Wearing nice clothes demonstrate social status; accentuate your physical features and shows that you take care of yourself. Find clothes that actually fit you and ditch the ones that don’t. Infact, if you wear a cloth and don’t get at least one compliment, please ditch the cloth asap especially trousers.

7. Nice teeth









Unfortunately, this is one thing you might not be able to choose for yourself e.g. me don’t have nice set of dentition *insert tears here* but it is very important to have nice teeth. Women think about it every time they consider kissing you. So, brush regularly and use some good mouth-wash.

8. Being driven

If you know what you want in life, and you’re pursuing it, this is attractive. Know what drives you and know what you drive too. I drive a Ferrari (bite me please)

9. Being a teacher (knowledge)

One thing I do is to read anything and everything as long as it is written in a language I understand (English, French and Yoruba). How does this help, if your girl or the people you are discussing with are in the medical line and you use medical terms to talk with them, that’s a given, they will fall for you ni sha e.g. calling drugs by their chemical names. Being a teacher is a sign of power and knowledge. This trait is very attractive to ladies.

10. Attend to details

MC Agabzy














Little things matter. For example, comment when you notice that she’s done something different with her hair or lips or nails or face or bum or boobs or legs etc. in short, comment on something every time you see her (yes every time)

11. A confident attitude

Confidence indicates that you are successful and are to be trusted. When you trust yourself, others will as well. Women will trust you with themselves

12. Unique accessories








Stop wearing three hand bands (rccg, mfm and deeper life) *u be Pastor* they are a turn off. Spot very specific and limited accessories. I wear a digital wrist watch and that is about it for me but my hand still looks gooooood. In our society, accessories such as necklaces and wristwatches that stand out provoke curiosity, confidence and will attract women.

13. Stylish shoes











The first thing that most girls notice in guys is what kind of shoes they are wearing. Shoes speak more about you than all clothes so have 4 designer shoes (simple) instead of 15 aba-made shoes and think they are variety. There was a time I used a shoe for like 3 years but cos say na original, people no know. In fact, I still have one NIKE slips I still wear and look good in *mind your business*

14. Whispering in her ear









The sense of secrecy, mysteriousness and excitement that comes from a whisper is very attractive even if na rubbish you dey talk, just talk into her hear sha *make sure your mouth is not smelling oh*.

15. Speaking to her true self

If you can see past the walls that most people put and truly speak to the real person inside of them, you’ll be one of the few that understands them. This makes you very important.

16. Independence

Leave your parents house na even if them dey stay lagos too ahn ahn. I left my parents house when I was in 200 level *YES*. People don’t like neediness, being independent shows that you are self-sufficient and can take care of you.

17. Teasing her

Women love it when you playfully tease them. They love excitements.

18. Be selective

If you are selective, then it implies that you aren’t needy and are valuable enough to want many people want you.

19. Playing hard to get

Don’t throw urself at her all the time. Have some decency na. Stop disgracing manhood (I don’t mean the private part o *dirty minds*). Playing hard to get is as true for women as it is for men. People want what they can’t have, and if they have to work for something, they’ll appreciate it much more.

20. Character is the key

A sound character is the key to a long-lasting relationship. The most important and foremost aspect for a woman’s liking to a man is his character. An honest, trustworthy and sincere man is always in demand in the feminine world.

Oya go and try all this and call me or send me a mail to thank me later. *big grin*

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