19-Year-Old Wins WHOOPING $2 Million With First-Ever Lottery Ticket

Frederick Walker, of Sanford, Florida, is only 19 years old. He must have heard about the lottery whose prize money had gone past $1 billion. “Why not try my luck?,” he must have asked? He’s now a millionaire!

Lucky teenager becomes $2 million dollars richer.
Luck teenager becomes $2 million dollars richer.

19-year-old Frederick Walker bought a lottery ticket in the run-up to this week’s blockbuster billion dollar Powerball draw. Unlike many others, Walker won big! It was Walker’s first-ever lottery ticket even, and one that netted him a cool $2 million — he matched all five numbers!The interesting part? It was not even Frederick’s numbers!These were someone else’s numbers. Walker said:

“I got to the store, and there was already a completed play slip at the playstation… those numbers were as good as any. How lucky that the first time I played, I won!”

Dear reader, how old are you again?

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