16 things you must find in every Nigerian home… Number 16 is my all time favorite

My fellow country people, on our way to buy our own mansion in Lekki ehn, I just thought about my growing up and the weird things that I laugh about now in my house so I decided to compile a few pictures cos I know plenty of you can relate except you want to be forming for yourself there…

Oya see them below:

1. An Ice Cream bowl with frozen soup in the freezer.

ice cream bowl

2. Danish Cookies Tin with sewing equipment.

danish cookies

The betrayal.

3. Those phone chargers for phones that were long gone.

old phone chargers

4. That plastic bag filled with plenty of other plastic bags.


5. Trays, Mugs, and Bottle Openers from different Owambes.


6. Those clear plastic take away bowls with slight oil stains that never come off


7. Those plastic covers without any sign of matching bowls.

lids to bowls

Even more than the number of bowls in the house.

8. Old tins of paint no one ever used.

paint cans

Just sitting there in the store.

9. A bunch of jerrycans


10. That rechargeable lamp with a radio.


The one that gave us jams and light at the same time.

11. That remote control with a missing battery cover.


12. Two or more ‘Ghana must go’ bags filled with books or old stuff


13. That reliable Philips iron


15. A stack of old newspapers


16. Newspaper under the dustbin

newspaper in the bin

Did I miss anything?

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