15 Facts About Condoms

The history of the condom is somewhat murky, with historians unable to ascertain when people even began using them. Despite being something of a punchline, condoms are responsible for saving countless lives and are one of the most important developments in maintaining public health.

1. Most condoms are too big for Indian men.

2. The Danish word for condom is ‘Svangerskabforebyggendemiddel’.

3. For a brief time in Sweden, there was a condom ambulance that delivered emergency condom directly to your address.

4. Most condoms have a shelf life of 4years if kept in a cool dry place.

5. Condoms are 98% effective against pregnancy.

6. It is estimated that around 5, 000, 000, 000 condoms are used every year.

7. More than 30% of guys have admitted to having used tactics to avoid condoms during sex.

8. At the factory, an electric current is sent through the condom to test if there are holes and tears.

9. Women are responsible for 40% condom sales.

10. Condoms have not always covered the whole penis as before the 15th century, Chinese men placed bits of oiled silk paper over their glans only and men from Japan use something called a “tortoise shell caps.”

11. The average condom can hold as much as a gallon of liquid so a guy does not have to worry about it being unable to hold all his sperm.

12. Condoms do not hinder a guy’s pleasure: There are a lot of condoms these days that are guaranteed to give the man as much pleasure as he could have gotten if he went without.

13. People are so afraid of purchasing condoms that they don’t want to use them. One of the top reasons people do not use a condom is because they are afraid to run into someone they know while buying it.

14. The world’s largest condom is 260 ft tall and 360 ft around.

15. There are actually a lot of people that do not know how to use a condom. The phrase “can you reuse a condom” produces more than 130,000 results on Google.

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