11 common misconceptions about Yoruba people


The Yoruba people are an ethnic group of southwestern and north central Nigeria. They are a collection of diverse people bound together by a common language, history, and culture.

Reports have it that they make up 21% of Nigeria’s population, making them one of the largest ethnic groups in Africa. The Yorubas dominate the western part of the country. There are certain misconceptions about this group of people. You hear things like Yoruba people are fetish, dirty and all other negative things. Before you believe anything you hear about Yoruba people, you need to get your facts right because some of the people saying this have never had an encounter with a Yoruba person and are basing their belief on what they heard from someone else. Naij.com has compiled this list of some misconceptions people have about Yoruba people.

1. Yoruba people are very tribalistic. The Yoruba man only helps those that are from the same tribe with him. To the average Igbo man, Yorubas are tribalistic.
2. They like respect too much. Yorubas are so obsessed with greeting and you have to bow, prostrate or kneel to do it. You also have to address the elderly as mummy and daddy when you’re not even related.

3. They don’t marry outside their tribe. Many Yoruba parents will not allow their children marry other tribes.

4. Yoruba people all have accent. Most of them have the ‘H’ factor. They say hold man instead of old man, and appy instead of happy.
5. They are very loud. They talk a lot and always in your face.
6. Yoruba men love women and are heart breakers. I am yet to see a man from any tribe that does not love women.
7. Yoruba people are stingy, especially those from Ijebu. It is common for you to hear people describe anyone who is stingy as an Ijebu man or woman.
8. They are dirty. There is this popular notion that Yoruba people are very dirty but personal hygiene is on an individual basis.
9. By their face, you shall know them. Has anyone ever told you have a Yoruba face? Some say they have a funny face with plenty tribal marks.
10. They are not bold. They can brag and shout but when it comes down to fighting, they run away or become cowards.
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