Ben Murray Bruce writes open letter to Nigerian youths

The senator and media mogul wrote an open letter to the youths of Nigeria. Read below..

Youths of Nigeria, I want to communicate with you today. I noticed that there are too many divisions amongst our youths and as a stakeholder in Nigeria and parent of Nigerian children, I believe I ought to intervene.

Youths, do not make the mistakes my generation made. Do not see yourselves through tribal and religious lens. My generation of Nigerians did that and look where it has led us. You must do better.
It is foolish for any youth to fight another youth over APC or PDP. Let me ask you, what is the difference between the APC and the PDP? Half of the members of the APC are former PDP members and vice versa.
Let me ask you youths a question: Do the APC and the PDP fight over you as you fight over them? How many ministers have they given you? How many ambassadors have they given you? How many heads of parastatals have they given you? That’s right, the answer is ZERO!
So resist the desire of vested interests to control you and use you to fight other youths on social media and in real life.
What youths do not realize is that you are victims of divide and conquer. You make up 60% of the population yet account for 0% of the federal cabinet!
Your price should be more than a plate of rice and a handshake. Work together not against each other! Come on Nigerian youths, be smart!
If you think after you have been used to fight each other these vested interests will hand power to you, think again. Their kids who are abroad will do same to your kids!
It is time to end the hate and come together for Nigeria’s good. Long after we are gone, you will be around. So learn to get along.
As I have said and I will keep saying, the youths are the leaders of today if only they will resist being used by vested interests.
How old is Trudeau, the Canadian PM. He was 43 when he became PM. You can be much more than a thug or Twitter overlord. You can be like Trudeau’s.
My name is Ben Murray Bruce and I not only want to make commonsense, I also believe in the Nigerian youth.

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  1. Thank you very much Sir.A very good advice.but sir ,what effort have you made to make the nigeria youth unite?

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