11 Things Women Wear That Men LOVE (According To Men)

It’s pretty gross when magazines or fashion sites try to make women feel like they have to tailor their bodies, language, or wardrobes to suit a man’s preferences. Come on! Any article telling you that guys are just wagging their tongues over whatever the latest trend happens to be are just profiting off the idea that getting you to feel like you aren’t good enough to be loved just as you are.

In an attempt to get to the real truth, we asked a diverse group of men to tell us the most amazing, beautiful, or enticing thing they’d ever seen a woman wear IRL. Their answers were both comforting and illuminating and prove that, most of the time, all you need to do is wear what makes you feel good.

Here are the things women wear that guys love the most.

1. Anything that exposes her butt crack

“She had a sarong tied around her neck, covering up her front, but it gaped open in the back, showing off everything from her shoulders down to her… I don’t know what to call it. Butt cleavage? It was mesmerizing but so casually glamorous. I was unable to think clearly the whole time she was around, even when she was 40 feet away.”

2. An old t-shirt

“I actually realized I was in love with a girl just because she was standing in my bathroom wearing one of my beat-up, old t-shirts and nothing else.”

3. A nice pair of jeans

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“This sounds boring, but when my girlfriend showed up to our second date in jeans, it was a serious turn-on. I’d only seen her really dressed up in skirts, but the jeans seemed like I’d made it to the next level, where we could be comfortable together. Like she was okay to get a little dirty and was down for whatever. And her ass looked great in them.”

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