10 Things Your Woman Is Always Thinking But Will Never Tell You

Women speak hundreds of carefree words, but hold back the most important ones. Are you wondering why? Well, it could be because of a lot of things! Maybe it is their egos or expectations, or maybe they just think that their men would know what is in their hearts.

But, one thing is for sure – whatever she is not telling you, is of utmost importance. So, we went undercover and dug up ten such things, which every girlfriend or wife will never tell her man. And, here is our guide for you to know exactly what goes on in your girl’s mind!

#1. She grades you on your creativity

Asking a girl out for a coffee date is a great icebreaker, but continuing to meet her there always is just so 90s. Yes, it is totally out of fashion now! Although she will not say anything to you, but this could prove to be a turn-off for her. Today, you have to be creative; surprise her, amaze her and only then will you get some brownie points for being romantic. So, pull up your socks boys and think up of ways that will truly floor her.

#2. She wants you to learn some dates by heart

Just the way you remember when the next cricket match is or even the very obvious Valentine’s Day, she expects you to remember some significant dates as well. You must remember her birthday, your anniversary and even days like when you first met, your first kiss and when you propsed to her. Mark all of them on your calendar, set reminders on your cell phone, pay an agent to remind you of these days and/or have them written on your wall! Well, whatever you do, just do not forget them. And, if you ever forget them, consequences await you!

#3. Her friends are more important than yours

She is convinced of the fact and she will spend more time with them over your friends. In fact, she does think that you need to bond with her friends too. She will want you to spend more time with her friends as compared to your own. Our advice- just avoid the trouble and go with it!

#4. She wants you to love her more than your mom

No girl will say it out loud, but, all of them think of it. And maybe that is why: mothers instinctively take a disliking to their son’s women (in some cases, not all). You cannot help it nor avoid it; it has no cure, but can be treated with a proper balance between the woman who gave you life and the girl who is your life.

#5. She wants you to initiate intimacy, for the married ones

Women always expect men to make the first move. But, you must know when the timing is right. If you propose a session in the sack too early, you will be labelled as desperate. And if you hold back too long, you might miss your shot.

#6. Beware of the word ‘fine’

‘Fine’ never means fine, although you wish it did! It actually speaks of the mental state of an annoyed and anguished woman, seriously upset with ‘something’. And, you will have to explore the hallowed depths of oceans, and the extreme limits of the sky to find that ‘something’. Otherwise only God knows what will happen!

#7. She hates it when you work late

She hates it because she thinks that you are having an office romance. Well, if not with another woman then maybe your work! That is the reason, she behaves in a strange manner when you get back home late, after an exhausting day at the office. Yes, it can be very annoying at times being constantly under a cloud of suspicion, but who can blame her if you prefer your office to her!

#8. She loves to hear you say ‘I love you’

She may not say it to you directly, but she is expecting you to say ‘I love you’ to her quite frequently. You can never really compromise on this. So, do not ever miss a chance to express your love for her in words!

#9. She has a reason to ask you trick questions

“What is your favourite topic of discussion?” “What kind of people interest you the most?” “Which places do you frequent?” Well, it is just that she has reached a point where she wants to get to know you better. She is observing you to figure out how compatible you are with her. Women will never ask you things directly, but now you know what these questions really mean.

#10. She observes how you behave with others

Women take notice of how their men behave with others. If you are sweet and courteous with the people around you, your domestic help or the driver or even strangers, she will know that you are actually what she always wanted in her man!

Well boys, we know what you are thinking. This is a classic case of- cannot live with them and cannot live without them. This was just a light take on what women actually think, but never come out in the open about it. Nothing serious in this!

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