10 things you didn’t know about kissing…

I don’t think I am a good kisser though but it don’t mean these 10 things are not correct jor. Check them out:

  1. You’ve got some Nerves:Red Glossy Lips KissingThe nerve endings on your lips are 100 times more powerful than in your fingertips *yes 100 times*. Or why do you think kissing is so much fun to do?
  2. Always give a kiss goodbye:Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 1.33.03 PMThe way you say goodbye to your spouse or bf or gf says a whole lot about your relationship an where it is headed either for the hills or the wills. Even a quick peck on the lips is better than a kiss on the cheek or no kiss at all
  3. Kissing is extremely good for your health081512-health-std-Gonorrhea-kissing-couple-diseases.jpg-640x360Whether you believe it or not, kissing is actually very healthy. Good kissing can help with your blood circulation, improve your skin glow and give you a good boost and can even relieve you of mild headaches. Now you know what to do when you’ve got a headache.
  4. Kissing burns Calories: kissingburnscaloriesWhere are m,y weight-watchers and losers? Get in here now and see this. Yes kissing burns calories. It can actually be a fantastic workout technique. 1 minute kissing burns 26 calories but it has to be a passionate french kiss that involves you moving one or two of the 36 muscles in your face.
  5. Kissing is more powerful than any pain reliever: See original imageI bet you didn’t know that kissing gets you the high you can get from any analgesic or morphine injection. Kissing releases some endorphin that give you a weightless giddy feeling. The good part is there are no side effects to this kinda morphine.

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