10 Things you didn’t know about Entrepreneurs…


Here are a few things you don’t know about Entrepreneurs. Thanks me later…

  1. Entrepreneurs are the truest of all celebrities but they are the least celebrated
  2. Entrepreneurs feed the nation but they need food too
  3. Entrepreneurs create the future but they might not be part of it
  4. Entrepreneurs build legacies but the legacies might not have worked for them
  5. Entrepreneurs are ever persistent and it is so annoying but they still make it
  6. Entrepreneurs are great thinkers but then again, that’s like defining an entrepreneur before sef
  7. Entrepreneurs solve life problems by creating problems they have solutions too
  8. Entrepreneurs are the richest on earth – of course money doesn’t define wealth
  9. Most entrepreneurs were the poorest – Hunger has a way of waking the giant in you
  10. Entrepreneurs use creativity to achieve their feat. Creators own the world not duplicators.

Thank me later again

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