10 Things That Men Find Incredibly Sexy On A Woman

In the following article, we talk about several items of clothing that men find absolutely irresistible on a woman. They are mostly simple items of clothing – short shorts, knee-high socks, gym pants, etc. But there is something about these garments that get men aroused and totally love crazy. Without further ado, check out the article below.
Knee High Socks
There’s an enduring fantasy that men have of naughty school girls with their blazers, pleated skirts, sharp blazers and knee high socks. Of course, there was the 1999 video of the Britney Spears song “Baby One More Time” that made preppy knee high socks a very appealing look that men love on women. It’s an unspoken fact: men are always attracted to the idea of a good girl gone bad and knee high socks fit perfectly into this story line.


Guys love a woman in heels. There’s nothing fiercer or more sexually attractive than a confident and beautiful woman wearing a pair of stunning stiletto heels and a seductive outfit. Perhaps some of the attraction here is that guys are probably scratching their head trying to figure out how these sexy ladies are able to even stand, let alone walk, in these imposing shoes. All the ladies out there who maneuver flawlessly in heels deserve a standing ovation.

Baseball Caps
Let’s admit it; there are few things that get guys more excited than sports. When a man is in front of the television watching his team play, there could be a bomb going off outside, and he wouldn’t even move. That’s the main reason why men love women who are also into sports and wear baseball caps and other sporty garments of their favorite teams. When men find women who love the same sports teams, more often than not, they end up staying with them. The thinking is simple: there will be no one bothering you during the game when you are both watching it together.

Nowadays, it’s a fact; women are dressing in more revealing clothes than ever before. It’s a trend that men absolutely love because it leaves very little to the imagination. Mini-skirts in particular are a favorite among guys, because they tend to reveal and accentuate the curves on a woman’s body. If a heterosexual man ever says that he doesn’t like a woman in a mini-skirt, there’s a big chance that he’s prevaricating.

Matching Lace Underwear
Some of the biggest fashion brands in the world happen to be lingerie brands. Do the names Agent Provocateur and Victoria’s Secret ring a bell to you? For women, these are household names, and most men are familiar with them too. These two companies make some of the sexiest lace underwear around. And quite honestly, there are few things men find sexier than a woman in matching lace underwear.

Little Black Dress
Every woman has one of these in her closet, and if they don’t, they should. It’s the one item of clothing that is extremely versatile and never goes out of style. A little black dress can be sexy, elegant and sophisticated all at once. And the great thing is that there is a style to fit every body size and shape. Men love to have a woman in a little black dress on their arm, because it makes them look good too. In the ever changing world of fashion, this garment is a staple that has withstood the test of time.

Thick Frame Glasses
The explanation for this one is simple. It all stems from the sexy librarian fantasy. Guys are always turned on by the idea of a woman who’s a good girl on the outside, but a naughty lady in the bedroom. Most often, thick framed glasses are associated with intelligent good girls, but a lot of the time, outside appearances can be very deceiving.

Short Shorts
Guys are especially happy because they get to see all the sexy women flaunt their voluptuous bodies in their short shorts and Daisy Dukes. It’s simply biology really – the more skin women reveal, the more attracted a guy is going to get.

Now this is not so much an item of clothing as it is something that men just find super sexy, and we couldn’t leave this entry off of our list. Within the last few years tattoos have become so mainstream that its more difficult to find someone who doesn’t have one than someone who does. Men and women alike find them super sexy when done tastefully.

When it comes to the courtship and attraction that happens between guys and girls, neither the man nor the woman wants everything to be revealed all at once. We like to discover new things about the partner we are with and be surprised and titillated as the courtship develops. Guys especially love finding a hidden tattoo and finding out the story behind the tattoo. It’s almost like having your own personal “bad girl” and guys like this idea a lot.

Tight Leather Anything
Women are the most beautiful creations on earth. Every curve and every unique characteristic comes together to make women these stunning enigmas and nurturers that we can’t live without. When guys see women wearing tight leather pants, jackets – or for that matter, tight anything, they can’t help but be instantly attracted like moths to a flame. Like we mentioned earlier, it’s a matter of body chemistry, and it won’t change till the end of time.

Workout Pants
We are in that era right now where almost everyone is dedicated to eating healthy, working out and living a really healthy lifestyle. Men definitely love a woman who takes care of herself. If not, then just know that men simply love a woman in yoga pants. When a guy spots a woman at the gym wearing their tight workout pants and flaunting their curves, it’s a natural aphrodisiac. So ladies, if you’re trying to have men fawn over you, stock up on the workout pants, and you’ll see guys lining up to ask for your phone number.

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