10 things I’ve never told anyone

1. I am confused about my gender and cry about it in private.

2. I hate that I hate to talk to people I don’t know and cry about it because they scare me.

3. I’m in a toxic friendship but can’t get out because if I do I’m pretty sure the other will commit suicide.

4. I laugh the hardest, the longest, and joke the most because I’m hiding from myself.

5. I rely on my favorite celebrities to calm me down instead of talking to people.

6. I created an imaginary brother that loves me and comforts me more than my real ones.

7. I listen to music I don’t understand.

8. My greatest fear is realizing I never was myself at the end of my life.

9. I trust the internet and strangers more than everyone in my life.

10. I’m always really close to regretting I was ever born but I’m not suicidal. I hate myself.‎

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