10 Things Everyone Hates

Brown paper packages tied up with string…can you relate to my least favorite thiinnnggss?

1. Semis and speed-limit sticklers when I’m running late

I’m convinced all the slow-movers pull out right when they see me coming. It’s some sort of conspiracy. But I’m on to them.

2. When the dog conveniently forgets her bathroom location is *outside* the house

No further details necessary.

3. When the DVD release date can’t come soon enough

April 25th is too long to wait for La La Land3 days? Too long.

4. When I’m misunderstood

No matter how careful I try to be with the tone of voice and words I use, I guess I have to come to realize that there will always be interpretation errors. I can’t be in everyone’s brain to make sure they judge me correctly. It’s sure annoying, though!

5. Coupons with a million exclusions

My mom and I were shopping in a particular store one time and there was literally nothing our coupon applied to except one teeny-tiny section of items we had no use for. The exclusions list font size was readable only with a magnifying glass and took up 3/4 of the coupon itself. Not cool.

6. That weird, inedible gelled chocolate on the flap of a pudding cup

The picture helped, didn’t it? Or maybe if this problem is an impassioned hate for you like it is for me, you knew exactly what I was talking about! Such a waste of perfectly good chocolate.

7. Talkers unwilling to listen

What really bugs me is when I’m in a very one-sided conversation. There’s no asking how I’m doing, or what I think of something. I love to listen to people. And there’s definitely situations where I am more than happy to make my time all about them. But there’s gotta be some genuine interest on their end in other times, too.

8. How quickly fast food bills add up

I mean, I spend $4 one day, and before I know it, I’ve spent $50. Addition just should not be incorporated into food matters. If you’re hungry, you should be able to eat and not worry about all your Taco Bell purchases adding up. Just eat. No math. Sigh.

9. How quickly homework piles up

Kinda like the fast food. I put off one assignment, and pretty soon, I’m finally working the night before 5 deadlines. Next week, next week I tell yourself, I will get on top of things. If you’d peer through my window, though, you’d see that that gloriously organized “next week” never comes.

10. Selfish tendencies

Everyone struggles with selfishness from time to time, but there are definitely some who give in to it way too much. Just the presence of another human being with needs seems to be enough to make them want to move to some uninhabited planet

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