10 Self-Made African Millionaires You Should Know

Once pushed off as a less successful continent, the countries in Africa have given us many affluent and popular millionaires. A lot of them are self-made, self-cfeated millionaires that have siezed the opportunities that were placed in front of them. Though rich in natural resources, Africa has much to offer in the way of other trades. Many of these self-made millionaires are takin gadvantage of the communication boom in many african countries and around the world. That isnt to say that there arent many oil magnates in Africa. However, here below are top ten African millionaires to keep an eye on.

1. Naushad Merali
Merali is a Kenyan Tycoon and one of East Africa’s best deal breakers. He launched Kencell in 2000, one of Kenya’s cellphone service providers. In 2004, he convinced his partner in Kencell, Vivendi, to sell him their stake in Kencell for $230million, which he promptly flipped to billionaire Mo Íbrahim’s Africa-focused Celtel for $250million. Three of his companies are on the Nairobi stock exchange. According to Forbes, his net worth is estimated to be $210million and climbing.

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