Tiwa Savage VS Tee Billz – #myOpinion


I have been really avoiding giving my opinion about this saga but due to popular opinion, here’s my take and I am planning on making this category permanent as from this post.

It is not news that Tiwa Savage and TeeBillz have been topping news headlines and everyone is saying something. Some are criticizing, praising, apportioning blames, praying and what have you.

As for me, I think both parties are at fault and I will explain to you why and how. I am not a writer, i’m a blogger so this post might not make any grammatical sense. Let’s take them one by one:



  • Teebillz had always been  quiet and forming loyal since their relationship days because in his posts, he said Tiwa was having sex with Don Jazzy, Dr. SID and Tuface before they got married but he forgave her? This doesn’t make any sense because if she was really sleepin g with them then, why did he think they were going to stop having the sex when they literally are always together and i’m sure he knows what can happen when you are constantly working in close proximity with a woman (no matter how ugly she is)
  • He NEVER wanted to kill himself. he just needed people to pity him and help him. If he really wanted to die, he wlda jumped from the bridge at 3rd mainland not that shallow ikoyi bridge. Another thing is if you read the story from Linda Ikeji, he had first hit someone’s car and then walked to the bridge to stand at the edge probably waiting for someone that knows him to show up (of course they showed up.
  • He is such a puss – you were practically living off your wife before your marriage and you suddenly want to be the man after the wedding? It is not done sir. the bread winner remains the decision maker. Take it or leave it.
  • You want someone to be submissive to you and your many years in the entertainment industry did not tell you that there is no independent woman that can be loyal (Linda Ikeji no fit marry se)
  • You have a son and you have never spent one naira on him??? If this is true, I am ashamed for you. REALLY??? not even 1 pair of baby shoes.
  • So you were blind when while you were dating Tiwa that she was never in Nigeria abi were you not the one organizing the shows she was attending ni? Now you want her to be finding out if you have eaten or be cooking for you… **I laugh in Spanish Italian**
  • I heard that the house the both of you are staying in is owned by your wife? and you want to be the MAN? *Still laughing**

Tiwa Savage, don’t go and be reading this post and laughing oh because I am coming for you in the next #myOpinion post.

See ya larer!


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  1. Heritage says

    Bros na true tlk b dat,if actually he wnts to commit sucide will he say it out,will sumbody dat wnts to commit sucide be announcing it…..i tink teebillz need help dah was y he acted dat way.

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