Tiwa Savage VS Tee Billz – #myOpinion (part 2)



In my last post, I talked about TeeBillz and his flops concerning this issue in their marriage. This post will contain Tiwa’s bashing and usual, there will be no grammatical sense or syntax sense because I am a blogger not a writer.

Let’s go there:


  • She practically invited the press for that interview she granted – 1. the interview was conducted in her sitting room, 2. she was dressed to be pitied with minimal makeup
  • Those tears were in all ways crocodile baby tears – ***pls go and see the video and tell me i’m lying**
  • She didnt address any of the accusations. She only exposed her husband through the whole interview
  • She kept exposing what I believe might have been a forgotten issue between the both of them (because if Teebillz had known that those things were still on the table, he wouldn’t have dared spoken up)
  • Remember she never gave a timeline (she kept saying “there was a time”) It coulda been before their marriage or even at the beginning
  • She shouldn’t have sacked him (he was living off your pay for crying out loud) *i’m ashamed to type this one though**
  • Tiwa needs to understand that every marriage has its own issues and people normally seem ok till you really get to know them so she should have kept them under wraps
  • She never denied sleeping with Don Jazzy, Dr Sid and Tuface before their marriage (she only said I have never cheated on my HUSBAND). I believe TeeBillz categorically said before we got married
  • She admitted to not cooking for him but employing a cook but i’m quite sure her cooking must have been part of the reason’s teebillz asked her to marry him
  • Tiwa needs to understand that she married a vegetable but now expects him to be a bone.

In my next post on this issue if I am convinced to write another, I will talk about what the both of them have done or haven’t done. Keep praying I am convinced to write.


#myOpinion has come to stay so just watch out for any post tagged #myOpinion


**we all need EPP**

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  1. Esther says

    Whoever blogger jst to correct sm certain topics u mentioned n miss understood…1. Tiwa husy came out to mk a statement that someone hacked his account that he was not the one that said about his wife slping wit dr sid don jazzy and tuface and the statements he made was deleted mking people to belive he must b the one but dening it. My point is if his aligation abt his wify slping wit these men were true why cming out agin saying it was a lie and he apologised? 2. You urslf that is talking tink am wel how woman go slp wit same men in her record label? I kn sm women can do it but wit d way i see tiwa shes not that kind of woman. And 2face n others where so mad at this aligation. So my dear dont go judging or saying what u dont know. We kn sm women can b loose but the truth is even before marriage tiwa never look like that kind of women slping wit same men in same wrk plc thats stupid. To m ur talk is stupid n mks no sence. And mind u it was nt too long tiwa enter naija she n husy becm close friends they where friends for long they lived together before they finally said it out n then got married. Dont say wot u dont kn. She said i never cheated on my husy meaning frm d begining she knew him till they got married. 3. Yes she adressed al her husy said abt her n her mum she didnt jst go too deep she talked abt d cooking not asking her husy if he has eating or hungry etc. I dont support any of them but im sure will say d reality. And yes sm celebrates n sm women prefer to employ a cook than cooking my aunty did that. Yes sm men might not like it as wel as m but d truth is tiwa is nt d first n i dont see anytn bad in it. People do it not jst celebraties. So pls talk wel n reason wel dont b judgemental in ur blog thank u

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