The 10 Commandments of Foundation for ALL ladies that do makeup

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Foundation seems easy enough to master: buy some product, apply it, leave your apartment on time, and spend the day looking like a goddess. But in reality, great-looking skin takes a little elbow grease. Even if you’ve found just the right shade of foundation for your skin tone and type, you’re asking your product to do a lot. You want your foundation to look seamless, so it doesn’t read as “MAKEUP!” You want it to last all day. And you definitely don’t want to arrive at work, only to realize your makeup isn’t blended.

A lot of this comes down to the actual foundation you’re using — and how, exactly, you use it. If you find a formula that’s good for your skin, you can improve your complexion over time and therefore shorten your everyday skin care routine. Once you figure out the right application tricks, you can make the whole process virtually foolproof.

That’s why in collaboration with bareMinerals, we’re bringing you 10 commandments, which are the, um, foundation of any good makeup routine. Because really, all it takes is a little bit of time, an open mind, and the advice of a professional makeup artist.

1. Start With Your Skin Care Routine

Be wise and moisturize! “Moisturizer is essential to perfect foundation application,” says NYC makeup artist Brit Cochran. “To avoid caking or dry, flaky skin, use a generous amount of moisturizer before applying makeup.” Don’t get skimpy with it, either: Cochran recommends using more than you think you need. If there happens to be some excess, you can always tissue it off.

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