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Question (Anonymous):

My husband and I have been married for over a year now and I am about to put some of my money into a new business which requires I fill a form stating who my next of kin is. It’s a lot of money and am skeptical about how these men can be. We are yet to have kids if not I would have put my child’s name. I am thinking of putting in my brother’s name but am still thinking if it’s right.

Must I put in my husband’s name?


I think you should use your husband’s name ma. Like you rightly said, you shoulda used your child’s name if you had one.

The idea of a next of kin is who you trust to a fault and nothing can be compared to trust than a marriage, besides, your next of kin should also be someone who can take care your left-behinds after your passing.

Please use your hubby as your next of kin. You don’t even have an idea the marriage problems you are averting by doing so.



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  1. Anonymous says

    this geh abi woman de ni…use ur husband jor… if na me, i 4… *lips sealed*

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