Ooni of Ife in Church, preaching??? #theTruth #myOpinion


I stumbled on a video here on FB and the good thing about videos and pictures on social media is not necessarily the content of the item but the comment section where we have a lot of people showing how naive and stupid they could be.

So the video i am talking about is that of the Ooni of Ife at a church service on the pulpit singing “I have Father that will never fail me”

Fast forward to the comment section and 97% of the commenters are bashing the church or the Ooni or the society for allowing a traditional ruler attend a church let alone mount the stage.

A few things occurred to me:

Is the church meant for christians or the sinners?

Did Jesus come to die for the saints or for the sinners?

Are all the people bashing the Ooni saints or sinners? (NB: white lies na sin o and na the same hell **there is no hotter hell**)

Is there or are there *english na war* a group or category of people that cannot be saved and must go to hell?

If you never attend church as a christian, will you still make heaven?

Does your title move God?

I have like 1000 more questions but let me rest my case by saying: NO ONE has a right ***including the “holiest” bishop or G.O.*** to judge ANYONE…

If the thief on the cross made Heaven, everyone can make Heaven (what matters is what happens in the end).

Accept Jesus into your life and stop judging people because you sin differently.

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