Only Girls Who Hate Wearing Jeans Can Relate To This 6 Things

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The dramatic question is are there still girls who don’t wear jeans? They are very few. This is because skirt seems like it has been sacked from the streets. Perhaps, it may be due to the fact that wearing jeans is very comfortable.

Despite this, there are girls who hate jeans. For these girls, there are quite a lot of comfort and discomfort that comes with wearing a skirt.See the 6 things only girls who hate wearing jeans can understand.

1.     You’re overprotective of our legsImage result wey dey for girls hate jeans

When you see a girl who wears a skirt, she is either cross-legged or her hands are on her skirt. That’s the job given to her by her skirt. She has no choice because she can’t trust the roving eyes of some men.

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