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What is the value of the Africa history to today’s reality? Has any history lesson you know saved any todays situation?History is useless with our present day realities. A history that cannot help today is a waste.

One morning I tuned into a radio station and listened in as people called to share some reports. A certain caller had my attention as he complained about a bad truck at a “Dangerous” spot , stating that the truck had been there for about a week, then his call takes another dimension, when he started to say “This is why we want our Biafra” . I begin to wonder what Biafra had to do with a spoilt truck. I should imagine that in Biafra the truck will be moved away just as immediately as it breaks down, a feat that is yet to be achieved in the United States of America and even London. Well this is not the meat of my thought now.

A few weeks back i sat on a chartered vehicle going for a function where i was to speak on the music business. The driver was a “Biafran”. I had a few of my team players together on board. The mild drama started when his radio played GREAT NATION by TIMI DAKOLO OFFICIAL and we all sang along. The Oga come vex. My guess was, to avoid upsetting us he tried not to change the dial and as such had to bare what i guess was our irritating solidarity for NIGERIA. Just like the Devil he made an attempt to attack our thoughts. It almost worked oooooo. He saw a police van and bellowed “where are the Zoo Police people going?” No one paid him any attention. A few meters away he points to a few buildings and says “Look, uncompleted building everywhere, no development in this zoo” and then i am looking at him with the Conner of my eyes wondering how a “Human” has decided that the best place to find his livelihood is in the zoo and he is bitter about the zoo.

Talking about development, has anyone been to the eastern parts of Nigeria?

He got into a debate with some of my team members where he lamented that nothing is working, everybody is out of order and this will not happen in Biafra it can only happen in the zoo. The way he kept calling the word zoo, made it sound like he had once been a zoo keeper.

Now i liked this part, a team member of mine asked the almost approaching fifty years old man, “Oga do you have a drivers licence?” His answer was a bold no. “Why will i have a drivers licence in a zoo, this is not my country”.

I remember saying, i rather be part of the zoo than be in the Jungle. Now i wish he understood that part.

Let me break it down. A zoo is a controlled environment. The jungle is not. In the zoo some animal have learnt to behave like humans, in the jungle animals are as animals as can be (forgive my tenses)

Primitivity is a character of the jungle. My opinion, that driver is a product of the jungle. Now my heart is sorry for BIAFRA, as many Beastly, jungle animals are set to come together as one (Biafra avengers no vex ooooo).

My question is simple. The man who has refused to get a drivers licence here and now, will he get one in the Biafra? Will he suddenly become responsible the day that it is announced that Biafra can go their way?

Now this is not to spit the fight for Biafra, i do not have an issue with that. This not also to spit the elites in the fight for Biafra. This is to make us think. Is our problem really a product of land mass or revenue as it is about our personalities, Character and Behaviours?
We judge the character of a place by the exhibited character of the many not the few. I have taken my time to listen to the sensibility of those who fight for BIAFRA, the mental balance or lack of it, and i get the same feeling as when i listen to an APC faithful defend her party in these times.

The culture you cannot cultivate today in Nigeria, you cannot cultivate in BIAFRA. A change of name does not make the cat a Lion. Except of cause you will have to be bullied into becoming. Isn’t that how animals are tamed?

Anyway i have to run, i just think we should be a little more soul searching.


  • Olumati (Mirus Empire)

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